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All Things Lucid — Spreading the Holiday Cheer One Show at a Time

Spreading the Holiday Cheer One Show at a Time

The holiday season can do a cruel number on your soul.  It can really dig up all those dark demons of struggle, pain, loneliness and addiction.  The holiday season will throw those feelings and thoughts right back in your face without hesitation, even though you thought you beat the shit out of those demons last year.  It’s an odd thing.  The holiday season is a truly unforgiving season that never forgets but it is the time to forgive and forget.  I guess it’s just a difference of opinion on which side you take during this annual battle.

We say, “Fight fire with fire!” with All Things Lucid during this dichotomy which is the holiday season.  All those demons that the holidays can dig up on you ATL has songs for and all those good feelings that the holidays can bring back ATL has songs for those too!   You can’t win battles alone so that is why we recruited Ornery Little Darlings to be our allies for our next show at The Whistler on Dec. 15th at 9pm.  To add to the “good” holiday spirit we are giving you this show for FREE!  So come to The Whistler on Tuesday Dec. 15th at 9pm to keep your body and soul warm!

All Things Lucid at The Whistler

-Take care

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