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All Things Lucid — Lose Your Mind

Lose Your Mind

The Whistler is offering a rare and special treat tonight – a holiday incentive if you will. For one night only you can completely lose your mind… for free. Yes that’s right. Lose that goddamn mind all over the place! But don’t worry, we promise we’ll keep it within the walls of 2421 N. Milwaukee. To help the process along, we’ll be filling your ears and feet with sounds only yet heard by the ghost of Christmas yet to come.

Let’s recap:
0. Free
1. 9:00PM @ Whistler (2321 N Milwaukee – Logan Square)
2. Lose your mind with The Ornery Darlings
3. Dance
4. Lose your mind with All Things Lucid
5. Dance a lot
6. Beg ol’ Uncle Ebenezer to return your mind
7. Stop reading this silly message

All Things Lucid

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