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And where the hell have we been?

Welcome back to the old AllThingsLucid.com!

These past two years have been nothing short of crazy.  After a year of recording and post-production we finally managed to release our latest self-titled LP back in May… so where have we been?  Well in the midst of that and squeezing in the occasional gig, Kostal has been working on his new project [More Killer] as well as playing in Stephen Paul Smoker, Paul has been rocking The Shams Band and at least a dozen other projects, Jeff has been working on his film festival [Illinois International Film Festival], and Miles has been touring in The Loneliest Monk and running Kilo Inc.   Yep, that pretty much sums it up. So we admittedly got a bit behind on updating this thing, but we decided to put it back up and give er’ another try.  So consider this site current, and please come on back for the latest All Things Lucid gossip (God knows we don’t check our myspace much… sorry).

Until next time,

-All Things lucid